About Us

Coastal Hotels is a private hotel company dedicated to making people happy.

We believe you can do this by:

  • Treating our customers as if they are guests in our own home
  • Providing friendly service that is unobtrusive but attentive
  • Serving food that is always seasonal, always hand cooked from scratch and very, very local, 90% sourced within 10 miles of our location – food that is delicious, honest and unfussy
  • Creating an immediately welcoming environment that is happy, calm and relaxing
  • Being in out of the way locations that are lovely

As a young company we are still building up a team of people that share these goals and who want to deliver these standards.  We know we are getting better but also know that these standards are sometimes not met.  If you ever feel we have let you down or you are really unhappy with what we have done please contact me here, I would love to hear from you.

Harry Cragoe, owner