Yoga timetable


– Tue 1st Aug, 7.45am

– Wed 2nd Aug, 5.30pm

– Thu 3rd Aug, 7.45am

– Sat 26th Aug, 7.45am

– Sat 26th Aug, 5.30pm

– Sun 27th Aug, 7.45am

– Sun 27th Aug, 5.30pm

– Mon 28th Aug, 7.45am

– Tue 29th Aug, 7.45am

– Tue 29th Aug, 5.30pm


All classes start at 7.45am unless otherwise shown

Please meet at the Beach Hut Marquee at 7.40am when we will decide if the class is going to be held on the beach or in the marquee at the Gallivant.

Sally Bayly’s yoga classes incorporate elements from many yoga practices and are absolutely for men and women alike.  The classes incorporate easy to remember flowing routines and will suit everyone from absolute beginners to practising yogi’s.

Classes are designed to improve flexibility, strength, posture and focus but above all else to calm and relax the mind and uplift and energise the body.

£10.00 per class
60 minutes per class

For more information and bookings please email or call 01797 225 057.