Our restaurant isn’t huge.

Whilst it sits 40 or so comfortably it is a relaxing, intimate space where we serve delicious food to discerning guests that are looking to escape the hum of modern life.

We welcome well behaved children to our restaurant but don’t offer a children’s menu as such.  Children up to 12 can eat from the a la carte menu at a 50% reduction of the price and portion size.

For the comfort of all our guests we request that children under 8 have left the restaurant by 7pm.



To show consideration to other guests we ask parents to ensure their children remain seated and well behaved (not shouting, screaming or playing the drums with their cutlery) throughout the course of their meal, whether that is breakfast, lunch or supper.

On the very rare occasion we think they are spoiling the enjoyment of our other guests we will normally get involved which can be awkward for all concerned.  We would much prefer not to!