A while back I decided The Gallivant should be different. Not just an escape but somewhere to reconnect with simple pleasures. To learn and experience new things. A safe, welcoming home-from-home that you leave not simply sated, but intrinsically happier.

The last few months were tough. But we’ve got a lot done. When you come back to us from July 4th you’ll come back to the same big skies, sandy expanse, deep comfort and exquisitely simple food. But you will see and feel changes too.

We’ll only be open to Residents and a handful of local Members. That will make any physical distancing easy to apply. Which means you, and our people, can truly relax. You are safe.

Keeping numbers low also means we can focus on giving you a wonderful experience here. Our bright, beautiful new Summer House offers free yoga daily and other enriching Experiences. You’ll be able to eat and drink in lovely spots all round the house, and on the beach too. No pressure on space. No pressure on you.

So with July 4th fast approaching, to all our lovely guests and locals: welcome home. 

Harry Cragoe, owner