We are proud to have the biggest English wine list in the UK

We have been making wine in this country for many years.  In recent years the level of investment and expertise has grown exponentially and that combined with the rise in temperatures, has resulted in English wines of truly superlative quality. Every English wine on our list is there through merit. We urge you to try one, indeed we are so keen for you to do this we host what we call English Wine at 5 every day for overnight guests to try a glass on the house. Now there’s no excuse.

Directly connected to the vineyards

We know everyone of the English winemakers on our list, they are all there on merit. We are huge fans, so much so, if you come and stay you can enjoy a glass of English wine on the house at 5pm as part of our English wine bar.  We also host English wine tastings as one of our experiences classes.

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