A 2-hour workshop focusing on immunity, where you will learn how various essential oils can help you achieve a stronger immune system through inhalation and massage, just in time for the winter months ahead.

Our busy lifestyles can make us feel like we are running on low energy, leaving your feeling tired, less motivated and unfocused. In this workshop you will learn how to combat these physical feelings with your own personal blend to take home with you.

Join Tia, Gallivant beauty therapist and qualified Neals Yard Aromatherapy Practitioner, for an in-depth and personalised Aromatherapy experience where you will create your own bespoke blend to take home. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for Tia’s biography and a short description to explain the basics of Aromatherapy.

A new Special Event which is part of ‘The Happiness Series’, a series of one-off events curated to help you learn a skill that will make you happier. This is a follow-up event to our ‘Sleep Better’ Aromatherapy Workshop (10th December).

£55 per person
Places limited to 12 people

If you would like to book a table for dinner that evening please email emma@thegallivant.co.uk

Have confidence in booking, read our


18:00 Meet Tia at the Summer House for your introduction to aromatherapy and a more in-depth look at the essential oils that help improve vitality and immunity. Learn how to use them and how to get the best effects from them. There will be samples for everyone to try as you learn more about what you do and don’t enjoy in the different oils.


18:45-19:15 Time to ask Tia all of your burning questions. You will have the chance to have a one-to-one discussion with her as you enjoy a glass of fizz and some nibbles.


19:45-20:00 The workshop ends with a final discussion on how to use the oils you have just created for yourself. Here Tia will give you some final advice on how to best apply the oils to achieve the best possible results.
You may want to book a table for dinner (see below).

In the Summer House

– All the materials you’ll need to blend your own essential oils, i.e. range of oils and bottles to take your blend home.
– A glass of fizz and some freshly made snacks.

This is the perfect event for anyone who would like to understand and experience the benefits of Aromatherapy, nature’s remedy, or anyone looking to boost their immune system for winter whilst avoiding Western medicine.

This is a one-off Experience.


Meet your teacher

Tia is a Neals Yard Qualified Aromatherapist, she is passionate about helping people through the use of essential oils and teaching how to use the oils to increase their well being and health.

As a massage therapist here at the Gallivant, Tia is an expert in using different blends of essential oils in massage and diffuser form to help relax and calm the senses.

Tia is also a lecturer in aromatherapy on the Neals Yard aromatherapist training courses.


What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy – something that’s used alongside medical treatment. Plant oils have been used as therapy for thousands of years. Essential oils are made from essences found in the flowers, leaves, roots, peel, resin, seeds and bark of some plants (e.g. chamomile, lavender, frankincense). You can absorb some essential oils through your skin. Some have an effect on you through your sense of smell and through breathing them in. Here are just some of the ways essential oils are used: diluted and massaged into skin, added to your warm bath water, added to vapour to inhale, added to neutral moisturiser or face and body cream.


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