Sometimes life can feel like a current rushing us along, rather than us, riding along within it.

However, in this flowing river of our life, we have the power to press a ‘pause’ and resume the journey smoothly.

Join India, our resident mindfulness expert and leader of our mediative beach walks, for a gentle introduction to the subject of Mindfulness. A hot topic and buzz word in the wellness world, India will help you to understand the guiding principles of living mindfully and how it can help you in your everyday life.

Mindfulness can be used in many ways and India will lead you through several different exercises from journaling to using daily activities to find peaceful moments. She will be in hand to answer any questions you might have as well as leading you in a beautiful meditation to help calm the mind.

“Wherever you are, be there totally” – Ekhart Tolle

A brand new Special Event which is part of ‘The Happiness Series’, a series of one-off events curated to help you learn a skill that will make you happier.

£55 per person

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Arrive at the Gallivant’s summer house, you’ll be greeted by India and there will be a chance to refresh with a herbal tea and healthy bite designed by Head Chef Jamie. After a short discussion on mindfulness, India will lead you in a gentle meditation and to help clear your mind and prepare you for our mindfulness exercises.
India will lead you through three different exercises including journaling, mindful tea drinking and yogic eye gazing.  There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss how you found each exercise.
A final closing meditation will be held by India to calm the mind and relax you for the evening.
20:00 The workshop ends.

In the Summer House, a beautiful space, perfectly designed for inspiring experiences. Ambient music, scents from our diffuser to awaken the senses, and gorgeous peaceful lighting. You won’t want to leave.

Why not make a day of it at the Gallivant? If you would like to come and visit us earlier why not book in for lunch and take a gentle stroll along our beautiful beach in the afternoon or make a reservation for a massage at our Beach Hut. The perfect way to prepare for this workshop.

If you would prefer to make an evening of it and continue to relax why not stay for dinner? Our Head Chef Jamie has created a seasonal, locally sourced menu that is constantly changing alongside the beautiful landscape.

This is the perfect event for anyone who currently enjoys Mindfulness and Meditation as part of their daily routine, as well as complete beginners.

This is a one-off Experience.


Meet your teacher

Fascinated with the magical world from an early age, India uses mindfulness, meditation, and yoga as tools to create a connection to both our bodies and the natural earth.

India regularly hosts meditation gatherings around full moons, solstices, and equinoxes. As her practices have grown, she has recently completed her yoga teacher training qualifications and loves to bring aspects of her learning into her practice.

Her workshops are suitable for everyone, whether new to mindfulness or someone already starting to practice some exercises. They would suit anyone wishing to reconnect to their bodies and mind through a range of yogic and spiritual practices.

India also teaches Hatha style yoga with an emphasis on connecting the breath, the body, and the movement.

India is passionate about nature and for the past Winter has been living a wonderfully peaceful off grid lifestyle. With daily challenges like heat and water to master, India felt huge gratitude for the ease of living she previously experienced. This lifestyle allowed her to appreciate the seasons and become completely in tune with nature.


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