Coming to stay?  All our experiences listed here are on the house, gratis, FREE!

60 mins
Calm the mind and relax the soul. Katie’s and Sally’s classes are for everyone, particularly if you’ve always wondered what it’s like but never taken the step.  Apart from improving flexibility and posture, yoga boosts energy, reduces stress, helps you be more present and generally become happier.

45 mins
Increasingly recognised to have enormous physical and mental benefits, take the plunge and come for a dip with our very own wild swimmer Skye, a trained lifeguard.  A cold dip will give you an intense natural high as well as helping you to de-stress and be more in the moment, it’s the perfect digital detox.

60 mins
Like yoga, pilates helps to improve flexibility and posture through a series of low-impact movements focusing on core strength and muscle balance.  MJ’s mat classes are ideal as an introduction to the practice and provide lots of benefits, no matter what your fitness level.

45 mins
Join Katie or Skye, for a relaxing walk on the beach.  They will connect you closer to nature and help you feel more present and think less about what’s on your mind.  By becoming more aware of your surroundings you will become more mindful which will help you to be more relaxed.  A walk on the beach will never feel so good.

45 mins
We are surrounded by some incredible English wine estates producing extraordinary wine.  At this tasting you will try three different wines from three estates alongside some simple tasting notes.  If you have never tried English wine before tasting these wines will be a revelation.

45 mins
Gin drinking in England really took off in the early 1700’s when thousands of gin shops sprang up throughout England, a period known as the Gin Craze.  Another gin boom started about 10 years ago and there are now over 350 distilleries in the UK.  This tasting will show you just how different many gins are and how they have moved on from the ubiquitous Gordon’s.

60 mins
Join us by helping to clean our amazing beach and do something positive to tackle the increasing plastic pollution problem we all face.  We’ll provide the refuse sacks and hot drink, you just need to donate an hour or so of your time and a smile.  See you down at the beach!

To book your place on any one of our experiences please call 01797 225 057.  Every Experience is £10 per person unless you are staying with us overnight in which case you can get involved in as many of the Experiences for FREE!


If you are staying with us, all our Experiences are on the house, FREE.

If you aren’t they are all £10 per person.  To book please call 01797 225 057.