Blood Cancer UK

The Gallivant, our Members and guests support Blood Cancer UK in FOUR major ways:

Overnight guests are lent a thermos bottle on arrival. This is their own personal water bottle for the duration of their stay and they can help themselves to endless filtered still and sparking water at the bar whenever they want. We will add a £2.5 Giving Back donation to their bill which get donated in full.

All our guests are served filtered still and sparkling water at the table in stone carafes. Members and their friends have a £2.5 ‘for the table’ Giving Back donation added to their bill which is donated in full.

Most of the oil painting we have are by a brilliant local artist called Karl Terry. They are all for sale. All our proceeds of each and every sale gets donated directly. Please read his bio below for more information.

Random Acts of Kindness – we have a Blood Cancer UK contactless card reader in the Entrance hall for all and every random acts of kindness that any of our Members, their friends and our overnight guests might feel inclined to spontaneously do.

We are proud to support Blood Cancer UK, an incredibly important charity dedicated to beating blood cancer by funding research supporting those affected.

Since the pandemic funding has become even more critical with donations and fund raising severely restricted during lockdown.

Blood Cancer UK needs our support today more than ever and we hope that all our overnight guests and Members will join us in this truly noble cause.

If you would like to learn more about Blood Cancer UK, please click HERE.

Karl Terry

Karl paints landscapes and cityscapes both in the local area and abroad. Whilst he has drawn and painted for most of his life, has had no formal training. He has however been fortunate to paint with many of the UK & USA ‘s finest living landscape painters. He is proud to be an associate member of The Royal Society of Marine Artists, The Wapping Group of Artists and the Rye Society of Artists. This camaraderie between painters continues to inspire and challenge him.

He currently lives on the Isle of Oxney in Kent and paints outside in all weathers. His work is an immediate response to what he sees and feels when immersed in the everchanging landscape. This process has opened his eyes to the beauty that can be found everywhere, even in the mundane.

His pictures are priced as follows (all dimensions are in inches and the price includes framing):

6 x 8         £460
6 x 16        £525
8 x 10       £560
11 x 14       £725
8 x 20      £725
12 x 16      £970
16 x 20     £1,375
36 x 36    £2,550
36 x 48    £3,150

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