All restaurants struggle at times to get ‘bums on seats’.

Especially ones outside London.  47 of the top 100 UK Restaurants, as voted for in the 2018 National Restaurant Awards, are outside London and spread around the UK and don’t have the advantage of an audience of 8+ million on their doorstep.

We have reached out to some of those 47 restaurants and invited a handful of these chefs to come and cook at the Gallivant over the coming months.

We can’t tell you how excited we are to tell you that a lot have said YES.  The next 12 months is going to be an extraordinary adventure, and it will be our absolute honour to host these extraordinary talented and inspiring chefs to come and cook and spread their joy and happiness in a plate of food.

Over the past couple of years we have been fortunate enough to host dinners with Philip Howard, Tom Aikens, Henry Harris, Damian Clisby, Bruce Rennie and Andy McFadden.

See here for a behind the scenes edit of our last guest chef evening with Philip Howard.

Sunday 14th October
JAN OSTLE, chef/owner Wilson Restaurant, Bristol
Voted by CNN as one of the 20 most underrated restaurants in the World.  Jay Rayner and Tom Parker Bowles have both raved about his food.  It’s going to be an incredible evening

Tuesday 20th November
SIMON HULSTONE, chef/owner Elephant Restaurant, Torquay
Simon has won more accolades and achievements than most chefs in the country.  He is incredibly respected by his peers and loved by the critics but quietly goes about his business in the West Country.  Not to be missed.

4 courses / £60

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