Happiness is a place you can join

We are evolving into a Member’s club.


It’s not because we’re elitist.  And it’s not to make more money.  It’s because we want to make a community of like-minded people who not only appreciate the good things in life, but also know that seeing, doing, learning and feeling new things has the power to make you happy.

We will still welcome overnight guests but if you aren’t staying the night you’ll need to become a Member to enjoy everything we have to offer.

And because it will mean fewer people though our doors we can look after everyone beautifully.  Overnight guests, Members and their friends.

Joining costs as little as £25 per month.

For more information click below.


If you would like to join please email Emma below and tell us a little about yourself.

Please include why you would like to join, what you do and what sort of things you enjoy doing in your spare time.

Or if you would like to take a look around before joining, please email our Membership team to organise a visit.


Special events



Carefully curated events held in the Summer House.  From yoga retreats and visiting chef dinners to talks by incredibly inspiring people.

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