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The Complete Gallivant

We don’t call it half board, because that’d be just half the story. The Complete Gallivant means you get the very best from being with us from the moment you arrive.

The choice of lunch or dinner and breakfast of course, but elevenses too.  And wonderful, free Experience classes run by brilliant people who want you to have a memorable and enriching time with us.  And as the day draws to a close the Complete Gallivant keeps giving with a crisp glass of English wine before dinner and a soothing cup of sleepy time tea before bed.

The Complete Gallivant always includes:

  • Amazing breakfasts
  • All Day Elevenses
  • English wine at 5
  • An exquisite lunch or dinner
  • We Have Drift Off, sleepy time tea
  • And of course free Experience classes

Please note there is a minimum 2 night stay on weekends, Fri to Sun.

We welcome everyone 16 and over.

We have two car charging points that can be reserved for you.


Space to breathe

The Gallivant is spacious and comfortable. For all our team and guests to feel safe and relaxed we need to keep numbers lower. That’s one of the reasons we are now only open for overnight guests, our Members and their friends. This makes physical distancing easy to apply. No pressure on space, no pressure on you.

Keeping numbers low also means we can focus our time and effort on the important things – like keeping things scrupulously cleaner and ensuring our team follow best in industry hygiene practices.

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