Camber sands is a 3 minute hop and a skip over the dunes from us.  It’s frankly extraordinary and we’d very much recommend that it’s about the first thing you do when you get here.

Taking a leisurely gallivant along it’s pristine sand is the best known cure for stress, better even than the glass of rosé you could enjoy in the dunes over looking it.  It’s dog friendly too, which is pretty remarkable considering just how few beaches these days are.

Whether you come in the winter or the summer it’s a seriously good reason in it’s own right to visit our relatively undiscovered part of England and we hope you will love it just as much as we do, just don’t tell too many people.


Where is it?
It’s opposite us, hidden behind the grass fringed dunes.

You can walk it’s entire length in about 45 minutes, running about half that.

Just ask, we have plenty for guests to use with our compliments


Beach towels
Some freshly laundered ones will be in your room when you arrive, if not pls ask for some

Drinks in the dunes
A jolly nice way to watch the sun come down.  Ask the bar for a bottle off our list, an ice sleeve and some plastic glasses (don’t take glass pls)

Just ask, with 24 hours notice we can set this up for you, hamper and rug included

Whatever you might have read in the press the sea is generally quite safe however because it only gently slopes you have to walk out quite a way to actually swim

Are welcome on the beach all year, just head right when you walk over the dunes and please rinse them before you bring them back inside (ask reception)

Kite surfing
Can be arranged, with a bit of notice, best to do this before you come

Lots of fashion shoots and TV crews love it too so you might bump into someone quite famous….



Why the Beach is so important

‘One of the reasons we love the seaside is that so many things invite us into the present moment:  the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the flight of sea gulls, the moist, salty air and the feel of sand between the toes.  By bringing attention to our moment experience, the beach can be a wonderful place to practice mindfulness, and by doing so, enhance our joy and appreciation of the present’ – Mark Coleman, Make Peace With Your Mind.

How to Be Mindful at the Beach

  • As you walk onto the beach try to open up all your senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, taste and touch.  What grabs your attention?  See if you can stay present without getting lost in your thoughts or judgements.
  • Try lying down on the sand and letting your body relax.  Feel the supportive quality of the sand as your body settles into it.  Allow your muscles to release any tension as you let go of your thoughts and simply come into the physical present.  Deep, slow breathing can help.
  • Sit next to the water’s edge.  Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves coming up towards you.  Let your attention expand to the farthest thing you can hear.  Can you be present to the sounds without thinking about or visualising them?
  • Take a mindful walk along the water’s edge, letting the cool sea gently wash over your bare feet.  Feel the textures of the sand as the waves soak into it.  Notice how the sand massages your toes and feet as you walk, inviting you into the present.
  • Each time you inhale, can you smell the salty, fragrant air?  Notice how scent evokes memories, perhaps of a happy childhood day on the beach.
  • Take time to gaze out at the horizon and take in the vastness of the sky and the sea.  Look at the clouds, the expanse of water and the space all around you.  Notice what happens when you take these views in.