Our purpose at The Gallivant is to restore people’s happiness and wellbeing.  This applies as much to our guests as it does our team.  Traditionally hospitality creates happiness for guests by providing a good bed, environment, food and service and for teams by good rates of pay and working conditions.

I believe some people are searching for more than just this.

Finding true happiness is an innately personal journey and I am inspired by the notion of creating a more holistic hospitality brand that is in many ways a platform from which individuals are inspired to explore other positive strategies to a happier self.

I am inspired to positively impact the lives of as many people as I can.  The Gallivant in Camber and any subsequent Gallivants that may be born will enable me to do this.

How we go about making people happier:

  • delivering an outstanding product and service to all our guests by happy people in a calm and relaxing environment
  • providing a platform from which individuals are inspired to explore other positive strategies to a happier self
  • serving food that is seasonal, hand cooked and whenever possible, local – food that is delicious, wholesome and life enhancing and always cooked with love
  • offering our team well rewarded jobs in an inspirational, equal opportunities environment with human dignity at its heart
  • trading profitably so we can continue to survive, grow and expand to make more people happy and offer fantastic career opportunities for everyone that works for us

As a young company we are always on the look out for people that share these goals and who want to deliver these standards, so if you know someone please let me know.

We strive to deliver these standards all the time but also know that sometimes they are not met.  If you feel we have let you down or you are really unhappy with what we have done please contact me here, I would love to hear from you

Harry Cragoe, the owner
August 2020

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