Wake up with us.
We are open for guests and a handful of members.
That will make any physical distancing easy to apply.
Which means you, and our people, can truly relax. You are safe.

Keeping numbers low also means we can focus on giving you a wonderful experience here.
Our beautiful new Summer House offers free yoga daily and other enriching Experiences.

We're an hour or so from London on the Sussex coast, just over the road from an amazing sandy beach. Time stretching, not rushing. Life in the moment.
We welcome everyone 13 and over, 16 and over from September.

56 of the Best Hotels in the World, The Sunday Times Travel magazine Oct 2019
Top 30 Greatest Boutique Hotels in Britain, The Telegraph Oct 2018
50 of the Best Hotels in the UK, The Guardian Nov 2018

gallivant, verb: to roam about in search of pleasure or amusement, often for food